Saturday, October 29, 2016

October 29 should be a holiday in the Philadelphia area

The stadium went wild after the 2008 Phillies World Series victory

The Phillies won the World Series back in 2008 on this day, October 29. Maybe we should petition this day to become a holiday in the Philly area.

The time when area baseball fans were so filled with joy, it was hard to measure. Phillies fever swept the area and made fans out of people who were long out of the baseball scene but for this time, they would be drawn back into the fandom now the the Phillies were the team that was on top.

It wasn't only the fans that jumped on the Phillies bandwagon, it was the baseball players themselves. Now suddenly, there were players that wanted to join the team as a player and perhaps have a chance to get into the World Series, and win another one.

Well, we did get to another World Series, the very next year in 2009, but that year isn't as nearly as memorable as the one that the Phillies won it all. You very seldom hear people talk about that series from 2009, even though the team made it just about as far as you could go with winning the NL pennant. Fans love a winner, and sometimes the loser gets forgotten.

Will the Phillies be a team that ever makes it back to the World Series any time soon? It seems like we've been rebuilding for a very long time. We still haven't found the winning combination or even a spark of that winning combination despite now changing management and getting in some new names on the field.

It's a special chemistry that isn't one that is bought or manufactured, it's a kind of magic when it all comes together for a team like the 2008 Phillies. This team wasn't a heavy favorite to win it all early on in the season, but they pulled together and made magic happen.

Should October 29th get a special mention as a holiday of sorts around the Philly area.

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