Sunday, September 04, 2016

Stuck on 60 - Phils can't budge off the 60th win

Only a few more home series remain, the last chance to see Ryan Howard in a Phillies uniform

If it seems like the Phillies have been stuck on 60 wins for a while now, you're right. They earned win 60 back on August 28th when they got a 5-1 victory over the Mets. In fact, they had 57 wins on August 18th a full 10 days before that.

What happened to this baseball team? They seemingly stopped producing and now have only won 4-games since August 20, if you count back to their last 4 wins.

Maikel Franco looked as if he would be close to getting 100 RBI by the end of the season for a little while in the late summer, but that has all but become a pipe dream, as he hasn't been doing too well in the past couple of weeks. Odubel Herrera is the same way, he's become wildly inconsistent as if he is unconcerned about what his future will be on this team or maybe he's become too concerned about what his future is on the team?

2016 will be five full seasons for the Phillies that they haven't made the playoffs, after an impressive run that saw them reach two trips to the World Series, one to the NLCS, and two other division series appearances.

A planned rebuild looked like something was on course early on in the year, it seemed as if this Phillies team would be at least looking at the possibility of a .500 season. Now that seems next to impossible as there are only less than 30 games remaining in the season.

The player who has risen up the most in the past couple weeks has been Cameron Rupp, he has 14 HR and 45 RBI in only 86 games prior to the start of play earlier on Sunday.

Where did the Phillies really go wrong this year? In the month of June, their record was 9-19 for June. June included a 9-game in a row losing streak which really took a lot of spirit out of this team. They snapped out of the June funk, then started to make things look good for them the next couple weeks, but then couldn't sustain it. In the next 13 games after the end of that epic losing streak of 9 in a row, the Phils only lost 3 games through Wednesday, July 6th.

Looking at contracts for next year: Freddie Galvis would be up for arbitration, he is earning $2M for 2016, he put some some good numbers but hasn't been too clutch, he leads the team in GIDP, and needs to put the bat on the ball and get on base more. He is the lowest OBP of any starting everyday player. Odubel is still under club control, he's going to be a bargain next year at club minimum. That is if the Phillies don't bring someone else in for the job. In pitching the Phils may want to try to extend Hellickson if they can at least for another year or two at a decent price, they will have Nola, and Eickoff back at a club minimum.

A lot of work must be done with this team again this offseason, we have some starts down in AAA that can make the jump right into the majors next year. J.P. Crawford got his first invitation to Phillies Spring Training this year, and should compete for the job next season in Spring Training for the big club. Where does that leave Galvis? He could fill out the bench or be a decent back up player for the 2017 team.

For now though, we're still stuck on 60-wins for this season which is again a pretty disappointing way to be at this point in the season.

Phils notes: Vincent Velasquez has been yanked for the year, he's been one of the best pitchers for the Phillies this season, and will be rested for the rest of the season. 

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