Thursday, September 22, 2016

Phillies hold the key to Mets Wild Card dreams

Phillies collar Sale at CPB

The Phillies whipped up on the Chicago White Sox last night, and their best pitcher, Chris Sale, who gave up 7 H and 6 R on the night against the Phils. Sale hit many Phillies with pitches on the night, in fact, a new record was set with 4 Phillies who were HBP during this game. Sale, who is considered to still be a front runner for the AL Cy Young, was involved in one of the most bizarre sports stories I've ever read earlier in the year when the Sox had a throwback uniform night, and Sale didn't like that the jersey's had collars on them and went into the clubhouse and took a pair of scissors or a knife to all of the jerseys. He was suspended by the team and it cost him $250K plus a $12,500 fine.

The next opponent for the Phillies is the NY Mets, the Phils play the Mets an incredible 7 times of the last 10 games of the season. The Mets need to win every ballgame they can as they are in the middle of an intense Wild Card race. The Phillies now hold an important key to that Wild Card dream of the Mets.

The Amazin' Mets have dropped their last 3 games in a row against the Braves. Who are arguably the worst team in the NL, that is the weird thing about baseball. Some of the teams you think a team would be able to beat, are just not going to let that happen, can the Phillies be the team that shows the door to the Mets playoff dream?

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