Monday, August 01, 2016

Trade deadline leaves the Phils behind as Phils still have worst offense

Can't remember the last time I've seen Howard sign autographs for the hometown Phillies fans on the field, but he's on the field at Atlanta doing just that.. hmmmm

You had to think something like this was going to happen to the Phillies at the trade deadline. That something was absolutely nothing. No trades completed by this team was a strange scenario that likened back to things that Ruben Amaro used to do with this club.

You have a guy like Hunter Pence, so what do you do? Go out and get rid of him and all of his offense. What does he do? Go on to help the SF Giants win World Series every other year. Moves like these really make you wonder.

Making no moves when a team is near the bottom of every offensive catagory in the entire league is inexcusable. Getting players like Tyler Goeddel and expect them to do miracles only goes so far. Goeddell is batting .203 in 70 games and has 4 HR and 16 RBI on the season, that's an explanation of why this Phillies team isn't doing well. Yes, he's 23 years old, made this team younger, but other players were raked over the coals with these kind of numbers. There is no excuse for this, except to say perhaps he's not the player you need on this team.

Peter Bourjos has had some nice moments with this team, currently he is on the DL, but looking at his total contribution, he's a guy that's a good bench guy but not an everyday major leaguer.

You don't hold a poker hand without any good cards, you have to do something to better your hand. The Phils just held on to a '9' high in their hand and what you get from that is a loss and fold your hand.

Three game home stand starts tomorrow with the Giants coming to town. I think we're going to see some great baseball played by the Giants, the rest of the season could turn out to be long for both fans and players on this Phillies team.

Current Phillies offensive stats:



  1. Winning games, or having a good offense, aren't priorities in a rebuilding year. Though it would be more fun to watch of course.

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