Tuesday, July 05, 2016

The winning returns for Phillies

This team has found a groove again, but will they be able to sustain this winning?

Prior to a week ago or so, the Phillies season had took a turn for the worst for about 6 weeks. The Phils who sailed along for the first two months of the season and flirted with the Mets for second place in the division.

The elevator went down for the Phillies shortly after May 25th, on that date the Phillies were just 2.0 GB from the division leading Nationals and with a 26-21 record. We haven't seen them above .500 for such a long period of time in a while, in fact it's been several years. On the 17th and 18th of May, the Phils were even closer to the NL East lead at .5 GB and this had fans and critics buzzing that the team may have found something great.

The reason for the losing that starting happening around the end of May could be the fact that the Phils faced much tougher competition starting with the Cubs series on May 27th in Chicago. The Cubs had at that time, been the hottest team in baseball. The Phils were swept out of Chicago and then went home to face the red hot Nationals in Philadelphia. The Phils got swept at home by the Nats in that series. They then faced the Brewers at home and then promptly the next two series were the Cubs on June 6th and the Nationals on June 10 again.

The Phils tumbled to 13.0 GB after a 9-game losing streak, thankfully both the Mets and the Nats didn't do too well during that losing streak as well. With the win against Atlanta yesterday on July 4th, the Phils are still 12.0 GB even with the winning that they have been doing.

The next month or so on the schedule doesn't seem like it's as hard that the Phillies had to go through during the last month, but it seems that with the 38-46 record, the damage has been done.

Can they continue to win and claw back up towards a .500 record? That remains to be seen, but it sure is good to see that they have finally turned up some offense and started scoring some runs. 

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