Saturday, July 23, 2016

Phillies Talk Podcast: Phillies near the trade deadline, The DNC comes to town!

The weather is hot, hot, hot, the Phillies have hit the road for a while and we are chugging toward the trade deadline which is only a week away or so.

On this show, I'm also being interviewed on the podcast called BaseballPhd Podcast which is based in Cleveland, Ohio, BasballPhd's Ed Kasputis passes the RNC Convention torch to me in Philly for the DNC Convention that starts officially on Monday. We talk about the Phillies and some interesting talk about how long it may take to see this team become a powerhouse again. Listen in to his show with our interview starting Sunday on - just look for the BaseballPhd Podcast!

So sit back, relax, pour yourself a cool drink and listen in on the latest show that talks all about the Phillies. It's Phillies Talk Podcast!

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