Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ho Hum, Phils quietly approach the trade deadline

Aaron Altherr is back on the Phillies team from the DL, it's going to take him a while to get some offense going though, and he needs help

When it comes to hearing the words, Phillies and trade deadline, in the same sentence, nothing but an eerie silence can ensue. Here we are at the point in the season where there should be rumor and innuendo on who the Phillies should be looking at to pick up, or who will be leaving the team in a trade and we basically have neither of them happening.

What should this Phillies team be doing at the trade deadline?

The Phillies are currently 10 games under .500 at 48-58 on the year (14 GB from the Nats). Not terrible, but it's kind of doubtful they are going to turn this ship around and end up with a record way over .500 this year. They have played 106 games of the 162 game schedule, so the team has 56 games left to play in the 2016 season as of today.

Let's look at the Phillies needs:

The Phillies desperately need better offense. They haven't really fared too badly considering how bad the offense has been on this team. The production is near the bottom of the whole MLB with a tweaking of this, there could be some great things to happen on this team.

So first and foremost, the need for offense is a primary concern for this team. What can they give up to get some offense? I wouldn't sacrifice pitching for it. So then what can you do to help this team and get some numbers up on the scoreboard?

That very point is why the Phillies pay their new GM and team President all of those bucks to figure this out. I don't want to speculate on what they plan to do, or even suggest. The question is what will they do, and right now, it's all silence.

We have till Monday afternoon to find out.

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