Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ho Hum, Phils quietly approach the trade deadline

Aaron Altherr is back on the Phillies team from the DL, it's going to take him a while to get some offense going though, and he needs help

When it comes to hearing the words, Phillies and trade deadline, in the same sentence, nothing but an eerie silence can ensue. Here we are at the point in the season where there should be rumor and innuendo on who the Phillies should be looking at to pick up, or who will be leaving the team in a trade and we basically have neither of them happening.

What should this Phillies team be doing at the trade deadline?

The Phillies are currently 10 games under .500 at 48-58 on the year (14 GB from the Nats). Not terrible, but it's kind of doubtful they are going to turn this ship around and end up with a record way over .500 this year. They have played 106 games of the 162 game schedule, so the team has 56 games left to play in the 2016 season as of today.

Let's look at the Phillies needs:

The Phillies desperately need better offense. They haven't really fared too badly considering how bad the offense has been on this team. The production is near the bottom of the whole MLB with a tweaking of this, there could be some great things to happen on this team.

So first and foremost, the need for offense is a primary concern for this team. What can they give up to get some offense? I wouldn't sacrifice pitching for it. So then what can you do to help this team and get some numbers up on the scoreboard?

That very point is why the Phillies pay their new GM and team President all of those bucks to figure this out. I don't want to speculate on what they plan to do, or even suggest. The question is what will they do, and right now, it's all silence.

We have till Monday afternoon to find out.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Where do the Phillies go from here?

Alright, the call for the Phillies to 'get younger' has been answered and the Phillies are very much younger. The team has been on a rebuild for 2 regimes now, we've seen a very slow progression from the previous GM in Ruben Amaro Jr, and now that Matt Klentak has taken over, he's made the team younger but where does it go from here?

We've seen this Phillies team get some success out of the youth movement, but it has only gone so far. Lately, they hasn't been too many of the young players ready to step it up and claim this team as theirs. Maikel Franco has had a good first half, so has Odubel, but neither one could carry this team and even together at times, they don't seem to be able to carry this team. So where is the next step that this Phils team needs to make?

Right now combined as a team, the Phils are 27th of 30 teams in batting average. The offensive has been dismal at times. In On Base Percentage, the Phillies are last of all 30 teams at .293 right at this moment.

In the pitching department, we've gotten younger, hungrier pitchers who have shown promise.

As a team, the Phils are 17th out of 30 teams in team pitching ERA, which is 4.29, starting pitchers have a combined 4.26 ERA for 14th in the league as of today.

Next season the Phillies have very little funds committed to any bulk of players, they had an $88M payroll for Opening Day this year, that's down from $145M last year, next year they have about $24.5M on the books primarily owed to only 2 players, Ryan Howard and Matt Harrison. Howard will be bought out or traded, so he won't be in a Phillies uniform in 2017 probably, and the way Harrison has been injured since the Phils picked him up, it will be interesting to see if he ever makes it to the mound for the Phillies.

Where do they go from here? They don't basically have any signed beyond this year. The experiment of  this year probably could continue next year with more of the same players and a very small payroll, that usually doesn't add up to success on the playing field though in terms of many wins.

Phils down in Miami but the heat is on in Philly!

The Phillies pull into Miami for a three game series down in 'The Magic City' with Jeremy Hellickson taking the mound for the Phils. 

The heat is on back here in the Philadelphia area though, it's going to be hotter up here then down in Miami. Dangerous temps in the tri-state area means you should try your best to stay cool, check on neighbors and friends and family. 

The Phillies lost 3 out of 4 to the Marlins last week in Philly, so hopefully the Phils can return the favor in this series. 

The Phils then travel on to Atlanta for a 4-game series in Atlanta to finish up the 10-game road trip.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Listen in on welcoming the DNC Convention to Philly and baseball talk on the latest BaseballPhd Show!

It's time for the Philadelphia convention for the DNC, the Phils are out on the road, but we're still talking baseball and a little bit of a tour guide for the folks at the Philly Convention to get out and see the town with on this edition which I am a guest on, it's called BaseballPodcast Phd - give it a listen!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Phillies Talk Podcast: Phillies near the trade deadline, The DNC comes to town!

The weather is hot, hot, hot, the Phillies have hit the road for a while and we are chugging toward the trade deadline which is only a week away or so.

On this show, I'm also being interviewed on the podcast called BaseballPhd Podcast which is based in Cleveland, Ohio, BasballPhd's Ed Kasputis passes the RNC Convention torch to me in Philly for the DNC Convention that starts officially on Monday. We talk about the Phillies and some interesting talk about how long it may take to see this team become a powerhouse again. Listen in to his show with our interview starting Sunday on - just look for the BaseballPhd Podcast!

So sit back, relax, pour yourself a cool drink and listen in on the latest show that talks all about the Phillies. It's Phillies Talk Podcast!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Phillies look to keep momentum going after the All Star Break

Gomez couldn't close the door on the Marllins last night, it was only his 3rd blown save of the year though, but it would have been great to get this game in the win column for the Phils

The hottest team going into the All-Star Break was the Phillies as far as their last 10 games were concerned. Now that the players have had their breaks, it's back to the daily grind of playing baseball and the Phils are looking for that form that they showed just a little while ago.

There is a big need for a good hitter on this team, the Marlins have 3 players who are in the top 10 of the batting average hitters in the NL. There was great pitching on both sides last night, Aaron Nola, who got to go home to Louisiana in his off time and did some fishing, and Jose Fernandez, the Marlins pitcher from Cuba, who is 11-4 ( a no decision last night for him) behind the win last night for the Marlins.

Let's look at the games that have been played since the disastrous 9-game losing streak that the Phils had in the middle of June. We can see that since that streak, they have been throwing a lot of wins up on the board. A lot of the season remains. The Phils currently are 13.5 GB from the Nats and  8 games under .500 though, so they need to get back to winning.

Rk Gm# Date Tm Opp W/L
74 74 Thursday, Jun 23 PHI @ MIN W
75 75 Friday, Jun 24 PHI @ SFG L
76 76 Saturday, Jun 25 PHI @ SFG W
77 77 Sunday, Jun 26 PHI @ SFG L-wo
78 78 Monday, Jun 27 PHI @ ARI W
79 79 Tuesday, Jun 28 PHI @ ARI W
80 80 Wednesday, Jun 29 PHI @ ARI W
81 81 Friday, Jul 1 PHI KCR W
82 82 Saturday, Jul 2 PHI KCR L
83 83 Sunday, Jul 3 PHI KCR W
84 84 Monday, Jul 4 PHI ATL W
85 85 Tuesday, Jul 5 PHI ATL W
86 86 Wednesday, Jul 6 PHI ATL W
87 87 Thursday, Jul 7 PHI @ COL L
88 88 Friday, Jul 8 PHI @ COL W
89 89 Saturday, Jul 9 PHI @ COL L
90 90 Sunday, Jul 10 PHI @ COL W
91 91 Friday, Jul 15 PHI NYM L
92 92 Saturday, Jul 16 PHI NYM W
93 93 Sunday, Jul 17 PHI NYM L
94 94 Monday, Jul 18 PHI MIA 7:05pm
95 95 Tuesday, Jul 19 PHI MIA 7:05 pm
96 96 Wednesday, Jul 20 PHI MIA 7:05 pm
97 97 Thursday, Jul 21 PHI MIA 7:05 pm
98 98 Friday, Jul 22 PHI @ PIT 7:05 pm
99 99 Saturday, Jul 23 PHI @ PIT 4:05 pm
Rk Gm# Date Tm Opp
100 100 Sunday, Jul 24 PHI @ PIT 1:35 pm
101 101 Monday, Jul 25 PHI @ MIA 7:10 pm
102 102 Tuesday, Jul 26 PHI @ MIA 7:10 pm
103 103 Wednesday, Jul 27 PHI @ MIA 12:10 pm
104 104 Thursday, Jul 28 PHI @ ATL 7:10 pm
105 105 Friday, Jul 29 PHI @ ATL 7:35 pm
106 106 Saturday, Jul 30 PHI @ ATL 7:10 pm
107 107 Sunday, Jul 31 PHI @ ATL 1:35 pm
108 108 Tuesday, Aug 2 PHI SFG 7:05 pm
109 109 Wednesday, Aug 3 PHI SFG 7:05 pm
110 110 Thursday, Aug 4 PHI SFG 1:05 pm
111 111 Friday, Aug 5 PHI @ SDP 10:40 pm
112 112 Saturday, Aug 6 PHI @ SDP 8:40 pm
113 113 Sunday, Aug 7 PHI @ SDP 4:40 pm
114 114 Monday, Aug 8 PHI @ LAD 10:10 pm
115 115 Tuesday, Aug 9 PHI @ LAD 10:10 pm
116 116 Wednesday, Aug 10 PHI @ LAD 3:10 pm
117 117 Friday, Aug 12 PHI COL 7:05 pm
118 118 Saturday, Aug 13 PHI COL 7:05 pm
119 119 Sunday, Aug 14 PHI COL 1:35 pm
120 120 Tuesday, Aug 16 PHI LAD 7:05 pm
121 121 Wednesday, Aug 17 PHI LAD 7:05 pm
122 122 Thursday, Aug 18 PHI LAD 7:05 pm
123 123 Friday, Aug 19 PHI STL 7:05 pm
124 124 Saturday, Aug 20 PHI STL 7:05 pm
125 125 Sunday, Aug 21 PHI STL 1:35 pm
126 126 Tuesday, Aug 23 PHI @ CHW 8:10 pm
127 127 Wednesday, Aug 24 PHI @ CHW 8:10 pm
128 128 Friday, Aug 26 PHI @ NYM 7:10 pm
129 129 Saturday, Aug 27 PHI @ NYM 7:10 pm
130 130 Sunday, Aug 28 PHI @ NYM 1:10 pm
131 131 Monday, Aug 29 PHI WSN 7:05 pm
132 132 Tuesday, Aug 30 PHI WSN 7:05 pm
133 133 Wednesday, Aug 31 PHI WSN 7:05 pm
134 134 Friday, Sep 2 PHI ATL 7:05 pm
135 135 Saturday, Sep 3 PHI ATL 7:05 pm
136 136 Sunday, Sep 4 PHI ATL 1:35 pm
137 137 Monday, Sep 5 PHI @ MIA 1:10 pm
138 138 Tuesday, Sep 6 PHI @ MIA 7:10 pm
139 139 Wednesday, Sep 7 PHI @ MIA 7:10 pm
140 140 Thursday, Sep 8 PHI @ WSN 7:05 pm
141 141 Friday, Sep 9 PHI @ WSN 7:05 pm
142 142 Saturday, Sep 10 PHI @ WSN 7:05 pm
143 143 Sunday, Sep 11 PHI @ WSN 1:35 pm
144 144 Monday, Sep 12 PHI PIT 7:05 pm
145 145 Tuesday, Sep 13 PHI PIT 7:05 pm
146 146 Wednesday, Sep 14 PHI PIT 7:05 pm
147 147 Thursday, Sep 15 PHI PIT 7:05 pm
148 148 Friday, Sep 16 PHI MIA 7:05 pm
149 149 Saturday, Sep 17 PHI MIA 7:05 pm
Rk Gm# Date Tm Opp
150 150 Sunday, Sep 18 PHI MIA 1:35 pm
151 151 Tuesday, Sep 20 PHI CHW 7:05 pm
152 152 Wednesday, Sep 21 PHI CHW 7:05 pm
153 153 Thursday, Sep 22 PHI @ NYM 7:10 pm
154 154 Friday, Sep 23 PHI @ NYM 7:10 pm
155 155 Saturday, Sep 24 PHI @ NYM 7:10 pm
156 156 Sunday, Sep 25 PHI @ NYM 1:10 pm
157 157 Tuesday, Sep 27 PHI @ ATL 7:10 pm
158 158 Wednesday, Sep 28 PHI @ ATL 7:10 pm
159 159 Thursday, Sep 29 PHI @ ATL 7:10 pm
160 160 Friday, Sep 30 PHI NYM 7:05 pm
161 161 Saturday, Oct 1 PHI NYM 7:05 pm
162 162 Sunday, Oct 2 PHI NYM 3:05 pm
Rk Gm# Date Tm Opp
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