Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Phils win 3rd game of season - first encounter with Rule 6.01

This was not the disputed slide but is Herrera sliding into the bag here?

The Phillies won their 3rd game of the season last night, Odubel Herrra hit an RBI triple in the 6th inning to break a 0-0 score up to that point.

Charlie Morton picked up his first win and brought his ERA down to 5.23 on the season, as he struck out 7 batters last night and ended up giving up only 3 H on the night.

The Phillies first encounter with Rule 6.01, which is the new slide rule, as a review of the play was made on a slide into second base by Odubel Herrera. Herrera didn't slide into the second base bag, because the fielder was right into the path of the base. Herrera slide away from Padres second baseman, Cory Spangenberg, who made a poor throw to the first baseman in a double play attempt. The play was ruled not a violation of the rule and the play was legal on the field.

It seems like we're going to be seeing this Rule 6.01 interpretation a lot this season even know it's the first time that the Phillies have encountered it this year. Talk about adding time to a game? You're going to need a lot of extra time to deal with all of these stoppages. There were two plays reviewed in the home opener for the Phils, and it's a drag when you're in the crowd at the stadium because you don't know what is happening. They don't typically play replays in the stadium so you're paying a lot of money to be there, but sit there like you're waiting for a bus or something until the umpire comes back with the ruling from the almighty umpires in the New York replay center.

The Phils continue the opening 4-game series at home with the Padres tonight ( Jared Eickoff vs. Colin Rea ) and then wrap up the series on Thursday for a businessperson's special  at 1:05 PM ( Vincent Velasquez vs. Drew Pomeranz )

Phillies notable:

Tyler Goeddell picked up his first Major League hit of his career as he subbed for Cedric Hunter in left field. Hunter is batting .095 so far for the Phils so far. He is in danger of finding himself demoted if good things don't start happening for him soon.

Ryan Howard went 1-4 last night, his BA is .217 so far

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