Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Phils wasting a lot of good pitching

His ERA is 1.89 on the year, but so far Eickhoff has a 1-2 record behind the anemic Phillies offense

Phillies pitchers have been routinely getting 9 strikeouts on a night but can't seem to win because the offense can't get it together. Last night was no different, Jerad Eickhoff struck out 9 batters in 7 innings but the Phillies lost 5-2 vs. the NY Mets.

The Phillies need to pickup someone who can consistently hit the ball. That is their weakspot on this team again this year.

The Phils optioned Cedric Hunter down to the Iron Pigs yesterday, that was a start to fixing the blight in the batting for the Phils. Hunter impressed in Spring Training but when the season started, he couldn't get it going. His BA was .088 in 13 G for the Phillies and 34 AB, For whatever reason Hunter got the job done in Spring Training but when it came time to shine in the MLB, he just came up empty.

In Hunter's place, the Phillies called up David Lough from Lehigh Valley. Lough started last night and went 1-4 on the night. The Phils also acquired Alfredo Marte from the Baltimore Orioles system yesterday, so he will probably get a chance to play at some point..The Phils are trading a player to be named later and or cash for Marte.

Game 2 vs the Mets continues tonight, the battle of the "V's" - Verrett for the Mets, against Velazquez for the Phillies.


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