Monday, April 18, 2016

Mets take on the Phils for three game series

Noah Syndergaard and the NY Mets look to gain ground against the Phillies for the start of a three game series tonight in South Philly

The Phils somehow managed to pull a game out of the series with Washington. Extra inning heroics did the job yesterday as a couple well placed hits led to a Phillies victory in what looked like it would be a sweep by the Nationals and Bryce Harper.

The inability to contain Bryce Harper duing this series was evident, as Mike Schmidt even noted during the game broadcast, he wouldn't have blamed Pete Mackanin if he decided to intentionally walk him late in the game yesterday, all Harper seemed to do during the series is devastate the Phillies.

A new foe will be in Philly tonight as the Mets pull into town for the first series against the Phils at home in Philadelphia.

Tonight we will be facing a guy that is called Thor, Met's pitcher, Noah Syndergaard. He'll match up against Jerad Eickoff for the Phils. Syndergaard is the best pitcher on the Mets the first two weeks in the season, he has a 1-0 record and an .069 ERA to show for his 13.0 IP so far.

Syndergaard is still a bargain for the Mets, he's making $535K this season, with just his second season underway. He isn't arbitration eligible until 2018.

Eickoff should match up well with Syndergaard, Jerad is 1-1 with a 1.50 ERA. The Phillies offense needs to find itself again. Manager Pete Mackanin metioned that he needs more production out of his corner fielders. He's been switching left and right field out more and more as he tries to find someone out there that can be hit the ball. He really hasn't been all that successful yet in doing that.

Aaron Nola and Jeremy Hellickson both pitched poorly in their third starts on the season. Is this just and anomaly or is their something more to it? Hellickson will pitch again on Wednesday vs. the Mets and Nola will pitch in Milwaukee on Friday night.

For the Phillies the word is offense, they need more of it. 

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