Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mets barage Phillies in home run embarrassment

Franco isn't staying consistent at the plate recently

The Mets barraged the Phillies last night at Citizens Bank Park. It was an embarrassing loss to the visiting team who hit 5 HR against the Phils on a windy evening in Philly.

The Phillies still don't have a team leader. There is no one on this team that is stepping up and giving others a reason to rally behind them.

Maikel Franco started the season off pretty nicely but he has since cooled down tremendously as we've seen his taking some wild hacks at pitches lately that are no where near the strikezone. Freddie Galvis has settled back down as well, as both Galvis and Franco went 2-8 combined in the game last night. The Phils lost 11-1 in a real hometown smack down.

Left field continues to be an incredibly weak spot for the Phillies. The experiment of Cedric Hunter was ended as Hunter was sent down to the minors after not being able to hit the ball well in 34 AB, and the Phils brought up David Lough. Last night though it was Tyler Goeddel who got the start in left, he is hitting worse than Hunter at .063 in 16 AB so far. Goeddel has played in 9 games so far and hasn't contributed much to this team.

My question is what happened to these players? They both did fairly well in Spring Training. Now, though they both seem like they are destined not to be on this team in the coming months.

This whole team seems like it slips into a malaise at the same time. It's just a feeling that nothing is going right despite the upbeat signing of Pete Mackanin to an extension for next season, we've seen very few moves from him in regards to intentionally walking hot batters from the opposing team and things like that.

The series with New York continues tonight. This series is very much like the one with Washington. The Phillies look incredibly flat and this is their home field, but they look like the road team down there on the field.

Hopefully this starts to change and fast. 

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