Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Phils shake off the rust from winter with first game of Spring Training

Spring Training brings out the Phillies greats to assist the team like the great Mike Schmidt

There's going to be baseball in Clearwater this afternoon, after months of waiting for the Spring Training season to open up, we've finally made it to March, and to the first game!

The Phillies opponent is the Toronto Blue Jays, a team that has really risen to the top in the past  season, reaching the ALCS only to lose the series 4-2 against the eventual World Series champs, Kansas City Royals.

The Blue Jays should be good again this season, they have a formidable pitching rotation and some great offense to go with it. They even added Domonic Brown to this team, and should he be able to get back to his better playing days, he should be able to add to this Jays team. Right now, Brown is signed for a minor league contract, of course with great play he could propel himself into the big club again.

The Phillies have been a work in progress now for the past couple seasons. Allegations that surfaced recently in the media and elsewhere just became rampant yesterday that the team was 'tanking', that is purposely not putting a team on the field that would do better than they have to get better draft picks and rebuild that way. If that is true, we'd have to look at the previous management that ran this Phillies team, with Ruben Amaro Jr. and Pat Gillickson. It sure seemed that they weren't doing anything to improve this club at a certain point. Now, this team has had a more drastic rebuild so I don't think you can put any blame on current management for allegations of 'tanking' the team.

Plenty of time to talk about this during the season, but for today, it's baseball. The dreams and hopes that Spring Training bring are all starting today. It's a day that even so-so teams look forward to, maybe we'll get a surprise or two from this new Phillies team.    

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