Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Phils fans shouldn't look to Rule 5 draft for miracles

Take a look at the following list of players:

These are the Rule 5 draftees for 2011, do you see any big name players here? No, I don't think many of these players are even on Major League 25 man rosters as of 2015.

You can do this for the past few seasons with the Rule 5 Draft, the players may have promise that are drafted but there are reasons why they weren't protected and a club was somewhat willing to part with them via the Rule 5.

You can look at the Rule 5 drafts from 2012, and 2010 and find the same results, hardly anyone on the list that was drafted in the Top 12 went on to be a star or semi-star. 

Yes, the Phillies picked up Odubel Herrera from the draft, and he's shown some promise, but he's not a full fledged star. 

There have been some big names to come out of this draft over the years, Roberto Clemente being the most well known player many years ago. 

There is much being said about this draft which happens tomorrow for 2015, but in the end, Phillies fans shouldn't be looking at it like they would the draft that we'll be getting the first pick in June of 2016. 

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