Friday, December 11, 2015

Phillies now brimming with prospects after offseason moves

Pete Mackanin is going to be looking at a lot of improved talent on the team this year, he can only bring 25 players with him to start the season, it's going to be interesting in Spring Training

The Phillies have made a lot of moves this offseason to restock the team with minor league talent, in fact, it seems like there is an overload of talent brought to the team that could be described as good prospects.

How that will translate to the Major League club on the field remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, the team should do better that last year's 99 losses on the season.

In the pitching department, we've seen a departure from the way Ruben Amaro Jr. used to staff this club like. Amaro always seemed to be looking for a aging veteran that he always seemed to pay too much. Usually this ended up as a mistake, names like A.J. Burnett, Aaron Harang, Mike Adams, and others come to mind.

The way new Phillies GM Matt Klentak seems to be going about it is a little different, he doesn't seem to be going for the aging veteran, instead picking up a stream of potentially good pitchers that may offer a better bang for the buck. Will it be successful? That remains to be seen but it is a different approach that we've seen in a few years.

Spring Training 2016 should be interesting for a lot of players, there is only 25 spots available as the team goes North after the Grapefruit League, so I think we're going to see some good competition for a few positions on the ball club.  

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