Monday, December 21, 2015

A look at the 2015 Rule 5 Phillies pick: Tyler Goeddel

When you look at Rule 5 draft pick ups, you normally associate a good player that another team for some reason or another hasn't promoted or protected a player to remain on their ballclub.

Just the nature of a Rule 5 pick is curious, if the player that you pick doesn't stay on your team's 25 man roster the entire season in the upcoming year, that player must be offered back to his original team by the drafting team. The player drafted in the Rule 5 must not be optioned or sent down to the minors. The team that is drafting the player may waive him at any time though, at which he may be signed by another team through the waiver process or if he is not claimed, be offered back to his original team. The drafting team may also trade the player to another team during the season keeping the original rules in effect.

The most interesting thing about Tyler Goeddel, who was the first pick overall in the 2015 Rule 5 draft is his position. He is a 3rd baseman, but has also played in left field and right field. That presents an interesting situation, as Maikel Franco has been touted as the Phillies future 3rd baseman for some time to come.

Goeddel banged out 72 RBI and 12 HR in AA ball last year for the Montgomery Biscuits in the Southern League.

Franco has appeared in 96 games as a Phillies player, last year he hit 50 RBI and 14 HR in 80 games for the team, which was very much appreciated by the fans.

There is going to be competition this year in Spring Training in Clearwater with the Phillies and Goeddel is adding to the mix.

Here's Goeddel's minors number courtesy of

201219Bowling GreenMIDWA1033295281192646.246
201320Bowling GreenMIDWA112450631121812765.249
Minors (4 seasons)Minors4511676224439793231244.262
All Levels (4 Seasons)4571697229443793431248.261
A (2 seasons)Minors215779115193371413111.248
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