Thursday, November 19, 2015

Number 33 for Phils will be worn on new pitcher in 2016

As Phillies fans, we've grown accustomed to see the jersey with the number 33 on the back associated with Cliff Lee for the past 5 seasons, well 4 if you don't count last season that Lee was on the DL for the whole year.

Cliff Lee didn't throw a pitch in 2015 for the Phillies but still collected a cool $25M on his contract, and recently a $12.5M buyout of his contract if what could be an important lesson for any future GM signing a pitcher with a lot of miles on his arm already to a multi-year deal like the Phillies did with Lee.

Despite the great times with Lee, the Phils also had a tough parting with him, as he only pitched 81.1 innings in 2014 for which he also collected a big $25M payday for the year. Adding this all up and you didn't get too much from Lee for the $62.5M of the last couple years on his contract.

If Lee doesn't ever throw another game in his career, he'll end with a record of 143-91 with a 3.52 ERA over his career. Lee's career with the Phillies was pretty good, he was 48-34 with a 2.94 ERA overall.

Lee's jersey number 33 will be worn by a new pitcher that the Phillies just signed this offseason, and that pitcher is Jeremy Hellickson.

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