Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Can't Lose" Klentak has plenty of supporters, now must make some decisions

A few additions to this team would be nice, with the GM meetings winding up, nothing has happened so far but continued banter 

For the past couple weeks we've been reading how Phillies newly appointed GM, Matt Klentak, has been in former roles in organizations. Glowing reports of being a great negotiator and task master have been flowing in from various sources and being reviled about in the local press.

My first though on all of this would be, if he was so good previously, why didn't some other team like his former team gobble him up as GM? There have been many opportunities for teams to do that, but it was Andy MacPhail that finally hired him a few weeks ago.

All that said, the Winter meetings are drawing to a close, and not much is happening so far with the Phillies with the few exceptions of Ken Giles name being thrown around as teams may have interest in him. Sort of the way a 'going out of business' sale at a retailer and someone wants to inquire about the clothes racks also being for sale?

The next point we've heard in the press has been how the Phils under Klentak would like to tap the international market. Matt, look at your team already, it's very international with Galvis, Hernandez, and Franco in your infield and Herrera in the outfield.

So now, onto the coming months, we've seen a ripple of activity so far, and some great talk about where this team could go, and the potential it has. Right now though the Phillies were the worst team in 2015, they've kept a coaching staff in place that has seen a couple years of dismal finishes under them. Maybe you should have started there?

How about starting with getting a good pitcher for the team?  

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