Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Phillies close their book on Dom Brown

Brown's career isn't over, it's just over with the Phillies

A name that we've heard many, many times in the Phillies organization is no more with the team. Domonic Brown had a ton of chances to make this team, except from some bright spots a couple years ago, really never lived up to what people thought he could be.

Back in 2013, which was a short time ago, Brown hit 25 HR for the Phillies, and it looked as if he had found his swing. The finding was brief though, the next season Brown had lost whatever he found previously and only managed to hit 10 HR in about the same amount of games for the season.

Other than the 2013/14 seasons, Dom Brown hasn't played full major league seasons for a team. He's been used in platoon roles, sent down to the minors, and generally just got lost in the Phillies mix over the last two years.

It doesn't mean his career is over though, with a proper amount of coaching, Dom Brown may just be a good addition to a team that can put him out on the field and let his talents develop on a team. The Phillies were a chaotic mess of lineups over the Ryne Sandberg era, it seemed like there wasn't a permanent spot for anybody with all of the platooning that went on.

Brown's time in Philly may be up, but don't be surprised if you hear his name again with another team, he's only 28 years old still, so if a team that knows how to properly utilize him and helps him regain what he lost in 2013, they may find they found a diamond in the rough.  

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