Sunday, October 11, 2015

Baseball tries to right the wrong, Utley suspension for slide

Eric Byrnes re-enacts the Utley slide, that was just about right, with Tejada out of the base path

Yes, we've heard from just about everyone in reference to the now infamous Chase Utley slide into second base or more correctly, into the NY Mets player, Ruben Tejada. Yes, this has been going on for a while in baseball, there is plenty of hard slides into second base to reference, but there are differences. All slides are not created equal.

Baseball's attempt to right the wrong late this afternoon, with the announcement of a pending suspension of Chase Utley, is an attempt to say, yes, we got this one wrong.

There is such a call as interference, it wasn't made on the field, and it wasn't made from the 'replay booth' in New York on game night when the Utley slide was fully reviewed.

But, now there is a precedent by the MLB, they don't want to see baseball turn into a game of bowling over the shortstop and second baseman in the future, if they aren't in the base path. A player should be sliding to the bag, not the player.

Appeal is the likely scenario from Utley, the MLB will make a determination, but the game is in the books, that won't be changed.  

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