Thursday, September 17, 2015

Werth and Harper dismantle Phillies over series

Werth said he felt sorry for the Phillies fans after seeing many empty seats in the stadium this series

It was a great return to CBP for Jayson Werth, the ex-Phillies player that helped them win the 2008 World Series. Werth has been back many times to Philadelphia after landing with the Nationals for an incredible 7-year, $126M contract. That contract is nearly over now, it runs through 2017, and Werth showed why he is making that much cash during this series against his old team.

Werth may not be headed to the Hall of Fame after his playing days, but you wouldn't know that with the series he had in the past three games in Philly. Werth added in a post-game interview after he hit 2 HR's last night, "I always enjoyed playing here and hitting here."

Werth usually was clutch for the Phillies most of the time when he was playing for them. Was he worth that $126M to the Nationals?

Bryce Harper, who hit his 40th HR of the year actually gave Phillies fans a compliment after the game, the also got his 40th HR ball back from the fans. He said this about the fans after the game, "It's pretty cool to have that kind of ball, they're great fans here. They know baseball. They understand the game and I'm so thankful for that."

Werth went on after the game to say he never knew the seats were blue at the stadium with so many empty seats in the stands during the 3-game series, and that he felt sorry for the fans the way this team has sunk to the bottom. He added that the Nationals are basically at a 'must win' mentality for every remaining game.

Harper and Werth both hit some empty seats with all of those home runs that they hit in this series, each player hitting 4 home runs against the Phils.

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