Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Phils limp toward end of season with a dozen games to go

The Phils have a younger team now, where does it go from there?

The Phillies are like a staggering prize fighter that just can't seem to regain consciousness. With 12 games to go, they have ebbed back into the team that we saw for much of the season, a team that can't seem to win at any cost. They now have lost 6 straight, and only have won 6 of the last 23 games that they've played.

In 2015, the team has set a new record for games in which they have scored only one-run in a game and that is 38, nearly a quarter of all the Phillies games this season, they have scored only once. That statistic itself is really hard to believe.

There has been many changes with this team this year, nothing has worked. At times, the team looked like it was going to turn around, especially after the All-Star break. That was a brief amount of time that didn't last too long.

This 2015 is now the team of rookies, especially in the pitching department. The problem is this staff is near last in every category in all of baseball. Team ERA is at 29 of 30 teams in the Majors, Quality Starts is at 28th tied, and BAA (Batting Average Against) is the worst in all of baseball at 30th in the league.

It's been a brutal time to watch Phillies baseball this season, the fans that hung in there should deserve a medal as most of the time we've seen uninspired play from this team.

Will they lose 100 games?

Remaining games on the schedule:

@ Miami Marlins - 3 games

@ Washington Nationals - 3 games

 Home - NY Mets - 3 games

 Home - Miami Marlins - 3 games

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