Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Phillies fans disappear on Labor Day

Aaron Nola is showing that he is the ace of this pitching staff, with his 6th win of the year last night he's now 6-2 with a 3.56 ERA

You can't blame them, who wants to spend a lot of hard earned cash watching this baseball team in person the way they have been playing.

It's like a flashback to the 80's when the Phils played in a nearly empty cavernous Vet Stadium, on Labor Day a couple days ago at Citizen's Bank Park, there were only 15,125 fans in attendance to see two teams battle it out for the bottom of the NL East.

The 15,125 is historic in itself, as this is the smallest crowd ever at Citizen's Bank Park which is now in it's 12th season of being the Phillies stadium.

A spartan crowd of 15,610 watched the Phillies get a 5-0 win last night at the ballpark in South Philly against the Atlanta Braves. 

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