Monday, September 14, 2015

Don't dismiss Juan Samuel as next Phillies manager

Andy MacPhail had been out of baseball for a few years before the Phillies hired him on as President for 2016, why did he just leave the game?

The hunt is on for who will be manager of the Phillies in 2016.

It's probably not going to be Pete Mackanin as this season winds down, there has been no talk so far about including him with the plans of the 2016 Phillies.

Andy MacPhail did hire an interim manager in his job as President of Baseball Ops for the Orioles in 2007 and that manager, Dave Trembley, hung around with the Orioles for a couple of years until 2010.

Who then will it be?

Andy MacPhail has a relationship with Phillies first base coach, Juan Samuel. Samuel was appointed as interim manager of the Baltimore Orioles under MacPhail back in June 2010 before the Orioles hired Buck Showalter.

It won't be Showalter because he is signed with the Orioles until 2018, a contract extension move that the Orioles did in 2013.

Could it be Sammy at the helm of the Phillies in 2016?

It's safe to say that Andy MacPhail is no Pat Gillick when it comes to personnel moves. One of his first tasks will be to send one of the last pieces of the 2008 team away from Philly, and that will be Ryan Howard.

There is a lot on the plate of Andy MacPhail as the Phils head into the off-season, and MacPhail has been away from the game for a couple years before accepting this offer from the Phillies. Along with a manager, McPhail is also looking for a new GM.

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