Thursday, September 10, 2015

Amaro is ousted as GM

Ruben Amaro and Rene Sandberg are now both out of the picture in Philadelphia

Ruben Amaro is out as GM and Senior Vice-President of the Phillies.

It's kind of a bittersweet day for both fans and players as Ruben was the general manager of the Phillies through one of its greatest moments in history of the Phillies franchise.

It comes as no surprise that new team president, Andy MacPhail, is going to be choosing a new general manager for this team. McPhail with probably like to start out fresh rather than keeping Amaro, who has been with the team now for years.

Amaro did higher some great free agents for this team who sometimes worked out and sometimes failed to live up to expectations. One of the greatest criticisms of Amaro is the Ryan Howard contract, Howard has most recently been suffering from a batting slump but that continues to shine a spotlight on his $25M yearly salary in a bad way.

Expect to have plenty more changes where are the Phillies are concerned especially this offseason with the free agent market. With many of the long time Phillies now gone, MacPhail might go out and pick up one or two big names this winter rather than going with a very young teen that could lack direction.

For now though the Ruben Amaro Jr. era is over in Philadelphia.

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