Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Phillies break Colon and beat the Mets, finally

Phils beat Colon for first time in 2015 last night

Kudos for the Phillies, last night, they beat Bartolo Colon and handed him his 13th loss of the year. That's something that the Phillies couldn't do for much of the regular season as the Phils have just won 3 games of 17 played against the Mets for the 2015 season. The Mets are now 6-2 against the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park with 2 more to play.

Colon brought a 4-0 record, and 2.33 ERA in against the Phils this year, it's incredible that the Phillies really were in effective against him nearly all year. It's a streak that ended last night, thanks to a first inning HR by Darin Ruf and then protecting that lead for most of the game and ending with a 4-3 victory.

The attendance was listed in the box score at 15,277 but there were many empty seats as a threat of rain and windy weather chased many fans away from the game early.

The Phils had some bright spots in this game, Odubel Herrera went 4-4 in the game, ending a nasty 0-10 streak he brought into the game.  Herrera raised his BA from .287 to .293 on the year with the 4-hit night.

The Mets were 1-10 in the RISP department, while Lucas Duda hit 2 HR to pace the Mets but it wasn't enough. Cespedes went 0-5 last night. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Last home stand for Phils for 2015

Aaron Harang has been really bad all year for the Phils with his 6-15 record

It's been a long season for this team and for the fans that have stayed in there and continued to watch them play even though at times it's been very difficult.

The Phils finish up at home this year, with 3 more games against the Division winners, NY Mets and then the last three games against the Marlins over the weekend.

The Phillies vs. Mets match up has been especially hard to watch this year, as the Phillies are 2-14 in the series this year. The Mets have owned the Phillies this year for sure. Just think where the Mets would be if the Phillies were able to win just half of those games against the Mets. It wouldn't have been so easy for the Mets to take this NL East crown if the Phils had played them better.

What was wrong with this team? Just about everything, but in the end it was the fact that this team couldn't get the hits when they were needed the most. There were base runners, and runners in scoring position but the lack of clutch play was huge in this terrible season for the Phils.

The pitching was horrible too, not too much to brag about from this staff, it's nearly last in all categories this season.

That was the incredible part, that all the coaches and staff were kept in tack from last year, and what we got was even a worse finish than last year. It's really hard to believe that this coaching staff was not cleaned out of the Phillies team after the 2014 season let alone kept in for all of this debacle of a season. That's almost an insult that something wasn't done about that.

All the while, the prices keep rising for parking every year, and for tickets and the fans have really let it be known that they are not into paying to see this team the way they've played this year. Where will it go next year? This fan base may even shrink more as fans start to drop off from seeing this many losses in a year.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

This Phillies team is so not clutch

When you watch great baseball games, you can get an appreciation for clutch hitting and fielding. We've seen it in Philadelphia, but not in a long time.

Take last night's extra inning game with the Nationals, runners on in the top of the 9th for the Phillies with Darin Ruf up to bat. Jonathan Papelbon on the mound, throwing the ball straight down the plate at knee level. You would think that Ruf could make some contact, but what does he do? Practically nothing. He watches pitches sail right down the middle of the plate then the count works against him and he pops out. He did the same thing in the 11th, then grounded out. What is he waiting on a Septa bus to roll down the middle of the plate?

Being a really good player brings some basic requirements. A lot of these Phillies players on this team don't have what it takes to make them really good ballplayers. Hence the 97 loss (and counting) season.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mackanin wasn't the answer to Phillies woes

Andy MacPhail's first hiring move not exactly inspiring

The Phillies continue to baffle when it comes to moves that they are making.

Pete Mackanin was a good choice to ride out the rest of the season after Ryne Sandberg made his decision to leave the team back on June 26th, 2015. Is he the type of guy that the Phillies will see take the reins of this team into the future?

The answer to that is probably no.

Why then would the Phils even think about having him on for another year? The offseason is looming, there will be many choices for teams with managers that are going to be available after the season and maybe some good candidates that could have taken this job.

Mackanin was speaking about the opportunity to guide this team from Spring Training next year after it was announced that he will be the manager for 2016, he was also surprised that it wasn't a longer contract, though the team does have an option for 2017.

Andy MacPhail could've have did what he was supposed to do, get a good manager, and a GM combination on board with this team instead of keeping what didn't work for this team all of this year.

Yes, the Phillies team pulled together after the All-Star break, they played really well for a month or so, but then everything degraded back to where it was when Ryno decided to quit. Keeping the entire coaching staff after last season was a debacle, and now it's getting compounded.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Phils limp toward end of season with a dozen games to go

The Phils have a younger team now, where does it go from there?

The Phillies are like a staggering prize fighter that just can't seem to regain consciousness. With 12 games to go, they have ebbed back into the team that we saw for much of the season, a team that can't seem to win at any cost. They now have lost 6 straight, and only have won 6 of the last 23 games that they've played.

In 2015, the team has set a new record for games in which they have scored only one-run in a game and that is 38, nearly a quarter of all the Phillies games this season, they have scored only once. That statistic itself is really hard to believe.

There has been many changes with this team this year, nothing has worked. At times, the team looked like it was going to turn around, especially after the All-Star break. That was a brief amount of time that didn't last too long.

This 2015 is now the team of rookies, especially in the pitching department. The problem is this staff is near last in every category in all of baseball. Team ERA is at 29 of 30 teams in the Majors, Quality Starts is at 28th tied, and BAA (Batting Average Against) is the worst in all of baseball at 30th in the league.

It's been a brutal time to watch Phillies baseball this season, the fans that hung in there should deserve a medal as most of the time we've seen uninspired play from this team.

Will they lose 100 games?

Remaining games on the schedule:

@ Miami Marlins - 3 games

@ Washington Nationals - 3 games

 Home - NY Mets - 3 games

 Home - Miami Marlins - 3 games

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Werth and Harper dismantle Phillies over series

Werth said he felt sorry for the Phillies fans after seeing many empty seats in the stadium this series

It was a great return to CBP for Jayson Werth, the ex-Phillies player that helped them win the 2008 World Series. Werth has been back many times to Philadelphia after landing with the Nationals for an incredible 7-year, $126M contract. That contract is nearly over now, it runs through 2017, and Werth showed why he is making that much cash during this series against his old team.

Werth may not be headed to the Hall of Fame after his playing days, but you wouldn't know that with the series he had in the past three games in Philly. Werth added in a post-game interview after he hit 2 HR's last night, "I always enjoyed playing here and hitting here."

Werth usually was clutch for the Phillies most of the time when he was playing for them. Was he worth that $126M to the Nationals?

Bryce Harper, who hit his 40th HR of the year actually gave Phillies fans a compliment after the game, the also got his 40th HR ball back from the fans. He said this about the fans after the game, "It's pretty cool to have that kind of ball, they're great fans here. They know baseball. They understand the game and I'm so thankful for that."

Werth went on after the game to say he never knew the seats were blue at the stadium with so many empty seats in the stands during the 3-game series, and that he felt sorry for the fans the way this team has sunk to the bottom. He added that the Nationals are basically at a 'must win' mentality for every remaining game.

Harper and Werth both hit some empty seats with all of those home runs that they hit in this series, each player hitting 4 home runs against the Phils.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nats chasing wildcard spot

The Washington Nationals were predicted to have a great season in 2015. That isn't what has been happening so far though, the Nationals will need a miracle to make it into the playoffs this year.

Last night the Nationals pulled out an extra innings win over the feisty Philadelphia Phillies. Jayson Werth practically won the game for the Nationals going deep twice on a night when Jonathan Papelbon got his first blown save of the season.

What went wrong with this Washington Nationals team?

It may mean that this group just does not go well together as they have been predicted to do well for several years now. Anything less than a playoff appearance has to be looked at as a failure by this team.

The Nationals seem like they were built to win for this year but this could be a group of players that are very much individuals instead of the team mentality.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Don't dismiss Juan Samuel as next Phillies manager

Andy MacPhail had been out of baseball for a few years before the Phillies hired him on as President for 2016, why did he just leave the game?

The hunt is on for who will be manager of the Phillies in 2016.

It's probably not going to be Pete Mackanin as this season winds down, there has been no talk so far about including him with the plans of the 2016 Phillies.

Andy MacPhail did hire an interim manager in his job as President of Baseball Ops for the Orioles in 2007 and that manager, Dave Trembley, hung around with the Orioles for a couple of years until 2010.

Who then will it be?

Andy MacPhail has a relationship with Phillies first base coach, Juan Samuel. Samuel was appointed as interim manager of the Baltimore Orioles under MacPhail back in June 2010 before the Orioles hired Buck Showalter.

It won't be Showalter because he is signed with the Orioles until 2018, a contract extension move that the Orioles did in 2013.

Could it be Sammy at the helm of the Phillies in 2016?

It's safe to say that Andy MacPhail is no Pat Gillick when it comes to personnel moves. One of his first tasks will be to send one of the last pieces of the 2008 team away from Philly, and that will be Ryan Howard.

There is a lot on the plate of Andy MacPhail as the Phils head into the off-season, and MacPhail has been away from the game for a couple years before accepting this offer from the Phillies. Along with a manager, McPhail is also looking for a new GM.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The little team that could!

Kris Bryant is tagged out at the plate in an exciting play last night in the dramatic Phillies win 7-5 over the Cubs

After the All-Star Break the Phillies looked like a different team, they were winning with regularity and it seemed like they might be out to salvage this brutal season. A few weeks later, they returned to their losing ways. In the last few weeks, all they've seemed to do is lose, culminating with dropping a doubleheader to the Cubs on Friday evening.

Last night before the game, it was reported that manager, Pete Mackanin, met with the team in a closed door meeting. He stressed the fact that many of these players are auditioning for a spot on next year's team, and to go out and try their best on every play.

That advice might have worked.

The Phillies took a late innings lead 5-1 in the game against the Cubs last night, but had to rally back to win the game after our shakey bullpen gave up the lead, to a 7-5 win with a heroic homerun walk-off by Cody Asche. It seems like Cody Asche is a man without a position anymore on this ballclub, but he just plays on. He wants to do whatever it is to help this team win.

What will come of Cody Asche, Darin Ruf, and other players that have recently come up onto this team to make an impact.

Those answers can only be something that we'll know when it happens, for now though this Phillies team has shown bright spots between very dark times in 2015 for this franchise. The true fans will hang in, and just know that someday this team will be more successful.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Amaro is ousted as GM

Ruben Amaro and Rene Sandberg are now both out of the picture in Philadelphia

Ruben Amaro is out as GM and Senior Vice-President of the Phillies.

It's kind of a bittersweet day for both fans and players as Ruben was the general manager of the Phillies through one of its greatest moments in history of the Phillies franchise.

It comes as no surprise that new team president, Andy MacPhail, is going to be choosing a new general manager for this team. McPhail with probably like to start out fresh rather than keeping Amaro, who has been with the team now for years.

Amaro did higher some great free agents for this team who sometimes worked out and sometimes failed to live up to expectations. One of the greatest criticisms of Amaro is the Ryan Howard contract, Howard has most recently been suffering from a batting slump but that continues to shine a spotlight on his $25M yearly salary in a bad way.

Expect to have plenty more changes where are the Phillies are concerned especially this offseason with the free agent market. With many of the long time Phillies now gone, MacPhail might go out and pick up one or two big names this winter rather than going with a very young teen that could lack direction.

For now though the Ruben Amaro Jr. era is over in Philadelphia.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Phillies fans disappear on Labor Day

Aaron Nola is showing that he is the ace of this pitching staff, with his 6th win of the year last night he's now 6-2 with a 3.56 ERA

You can't blame them, who wants to spend a lot of hard earned cash watching this baseball team in person the way they have been playing.

It's like a flashback to the 80's when the Phils played in a nearly empty cavernous Vet Stadium, on Labor Day a couple days ago at Citizen's Bank Park, there were only 15,125 fans in attendance to see two teams battle it out for the bottom of the NL East.

The 15,125 is historic in itself, as this is the smallest crowd ever at Citizen's Bank Park which is now in it's 12th season of being the Phillies stadium.

A spartan crowd of 15,610 watched the Phillies get a 5-0 win last night at the ballpark in South Philly against the Atlanta Braves. 

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Phillies revert to 'Bad News Bear' style in Boston

The Phillies haven't looked this bad in a while. But in Boston today, the 'Bad News Bear' Phillies showed up for a game, not unlike we've seen them do earlier in the season many times.

Take this play for example, a nice throw from right field to the cut-off man, then he throws it crazily off line, and the Red Sox get a 4-run flurry here off of Alec Asher, who made his first road start.

Can't even get Bogaerts out at home, as he gets his hand in first to clear the bases. Embarrassing.

Red Sox win 9-2 on the day. Is this season over yet?

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Phillies Talk Podcast - Labor Day 2015 Show

The Phillies season chugs into the Labor Day week still not very good, but we have another month of baseball to watch at least.

The Mets end up winning last night, and our 2-14 record against the Amazins is in the books, we can only get better from here.

We're talking about that 14 run barrage on Tuesday night, that was the most runs since the first game of 2014 for the Fightins. 

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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Phils snap Mets streak at 10

The Phils ruffed up the Mets last night, thanks in part to Darin Ruf's 6 RBI performance

The Mets went into last night's game with a serious winning streak for 2015 against the Phillies. The Amazins had won 10 straight against the Phillies and posted a 13-1 record overall this season vs. the Phils but last night that streak of 10 would stop.

The Phillies broke out with 14 runs on 10 H last night, as the Mets got 8 R on 13 H but committed 3 E on the night.

The Mets have beat a team 13 times or more in a season just 3 times in their history. Let's hope the number stays at 13 with tonight's final meeting between the two teams when Aaron Nola takes the mound vs. Matt Harvey for the Mets.

The Mets are boasting a third best starting pitching ERA of 3.30 in all of baseball this year going into last night's play.