Friday, August 21, 2015

Williams has forgettable night

Resuced from the mound last night, Williams just didn't have it last night

Jerome Williams would probably want to hit rewind on the DVR and start last night's game over.

He gave up 8 ER in just 1.2 innings last night, and really never found his groove. There wasn't a visit to the mound, a few words of consoling by the Phillies pitching coach, no, he was on his own out there last night until Pete Mackanin came out to get the ball from him.

Jerome Williams has been that way throughout his career, he looks promising at first and then goes down the drain. He was signed by the LA Angels a couple years ago, and he turned in a 10-6 record, then turned in two below par years 68 and 9 the next two seasons. With numbers like that, a team doesn't feel the need to keep you.

Despite having a career 52-62 record and not staying with any team for too long, Williams has earned nearly $9M playing baseball. There are a lot of others like him as well. Look at former Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick, he's earned an incredible $24.5M over his career ($7.6M from the Phillies in 2014) being an average or below average pitcher.

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