Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Phils players playing as a team

Harang has looked like he's packed on the pounds in the last couple of months on the Phils, and his record doesn't look too good either

The talk around the Phillies in the last week or so has been whether or not the team will extend manager Pete Mackanin for a year or two being that the team has been winning lately, at least since the All-Star break.

Mackanin didn't come in and wave some magic wand over the team though, in fact, with the changes that went on with trades and all with this team, there really isn't a good reason why all of this winning is suddenly happening.

This Phillies team finally discovered that they only have themselves to blame for their losses or success. The team is now playing more like a team rather than 9 guys on the field.

Yes, the Phillies didn't win last night, chinks in the armor are showing up on pitching, with Aaron Harang just last night going out there and getting shelled with giving up 12 H and 8 R - the other night it was Buchanan doing about the same.

Harang has now lost 13 games for the Phillies this season, (Phils lost last night 13-3) he's taken the place of another older pitcher that the Phillies added to the roster last year named AJ Burnett, who lost 18 games for the team last year.

There will be plenty of changes to come to this team, we've enjoyed some winning here in 2015 that we didn't see the first few months of the season, but I don't think it's enough to bring Mackanin back to the team for next season or years beyond that. 

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