Saturday, August 15, 2015

Chase Utley: will he or won't he be a Phillie

Utley still can play, will it be for another team by the end of August?

The trade talk is almost deafening, we're hearing it more and more everyday. The chances of seeing Chase Utley in another uniform and playing for another team is getting more and more a sure thing as the new trade deadline of Aug.31 for players who are traded to become eligible for the postseason draws near.

Todd Zolecki has reported there are many teams who made offers for Utley, but the cards remain in Utley's hands as he can veto any trade that he doesn't approve of.

Utley won't qualify for an automatic revesting of his contract by the Phillies based on his games played, so if the Phillies hang onto Chase until after the season ends, the team may offer a qualifying offer to Chase somewhere in the neighborhood of $13.3M (which is a computation of the average of the top 125 salaries in baseball) offer for 2016 which they probably don't want to do or they can just release him outright. Changes in the way teams get compensated if Utley declined an arbitration and then signed somewhere else took effect in 2013, the team would probably get a draft pick for him that is somewhat equal to the team that signs him unless it is a team that has a Top 10 draft pick coming to them next year.

The Phillies will try to do whatever is best for them, but this is still Chase Utley we're talking about and I don't think the team just wants to give him away for nothing. They may hold onto Chase until the end of the season and deal with Utley then.

Chase Utley passed through waivers, which no team that could have claimed him stepped forward when he was placed on the waiver wire. Then, we're hearing of a lot of teams that want him for the last couple months of the season perhaps but Chase can say no to that.

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