Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Buchanan implodes gives up 11 Runs in 1.2 innings

The Phillies pitching coach should look into the problems of Buchanan and Harang, combined they have been a bad choice for Phillies starters this year

It may be time to part ways with David Buchanan for the Phillies. Despite being called up and sent down many times, Buchanan is not showing a reason to keep him in the majors. He got shelled last night giving up 11 H and 11 R in just 1.2 IP.

Anytime your pitcher is giving up 11 runs, it's going to be difficult to come back in a game. The Phillies didn't come back last night in Arizona, they lost the game 13-1 in another display of poor pitching right on the heels of Aaron Harang's poorly pitched game, the night before.

Buchanan is now 2-7 on the year and 8-15 lifetime in the majors. He has a terrible 9.00 ERA on the season though this year. If that isn't a ticket either back down to the minors or just released outright, nothing is.

That's 2 embarrassing losses down in Arizona for the Phillies, they've been whipped down there with the Dbacks scoring 26 R in two games on them. Can this team at least salvage a win out of here?

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