Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Blue Jays are new World Series favorites

The Blue Jays have added power to the lineup with Donaldson

Believe it or not, the Toronto Blue Jays are the new favorite to win the World Series according to some online odds companies. They do seem to have a power packed line up that the Phillies saw last night as the Jays mounted a fierce late inning comeback against the Phillies bullpen.

The Phillies will play just two games at home vs. the Toronto Blue Jays in Philadelphia, in a very short home stand,  The two games at home are the oddity in the schedule that interleague games bring into the mix. The Phillies then fly down to Miami to face the Marlins for 4 games in Florida, then return to home for a 7 game home stand.

The Phillies just returned from a long western roadtrip, to make them stay at home for only 2 games and then fly down to Miami for 4 games is really ridiculous. But that's the kind of odd scheduling that happens with interleague matchups.

Interleague play was interesting at first, but it's something that probably should be ended, the novelty of playing teams from another league shouldn't take preference over not playing teams in your own league enough. That's what interleague play has done. 

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