Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Rollins glad to be out of Philly - will he remain a Dodger after this year?

Rollins leaps emphatically in the air to score the 10th run of the ballgame as he got the game winning hit last night, I think the Phillies would like to return the favor tonight

It was a reunion of sorts last night in LA, the first time that the Phillies have played the LA Dodgers when Jimmy Rollins was on the field for them. Rollins also said among other things that he was glad to get out of Philly when he did. You can read that in two different lights, one he was just glad to get out of Philly before the team turned into the worst team in baseball, and two, he was glad to get out before he was cast along with the worst team in baseball as his numbers aren't that good either this year.

Before the game, the local CSN Philly had a few minute interview with James Calvin and on the opening of the broadcast, it seemed like a Jimmy Rollins love fest as we were told he was the greatest ever shortstop for the Phillies in history.

Rollins said he was aware of the Phillies woes from afar but he is a Dodger now, so that is what concerns him. He also said the Phillies are probably a similar team way back when he was drafted in 1996 and he rose up through the ranks to anchor the shortstop position, while the Phillies continued to add top draft picks to make the team better.

On the field, it was a back and forth game, with the Dodgers getting the best of the Phillies 10-7 by the end of the game. Rollins hit a key double to put the Dodger blue up 8-7 late in the game in a swing that we've seen before, a short swing just making contact.

The game was another milestone for Rollins as well. He was batted against every major league team in his career except one, the Philadelphia Phillies. Now that hurdle is done for him as well. Read more here in this article from Inside the Dodgers.

So how has Rollins been doing with the Dodgers? As you can see in the stats below, he hasn't been all that great for the Dodgers this year. He's batting .208 and only has 24 RBI at this point in the season. He would have fit right in with his under-performing teammates Chase Utley and Ryan Howard if he was still on the Phillies.

2012 33 PHI NL 156 699 632 102 158 33 5 23 68 30 .250 .316
2013 34 PHI NL 160 666 600 65 151 36 2 6 39 22 .252 .318
2014 35 PHI NL 138 609 538 78 131 22 4 17 55 28 .243 .323
2015 36 LAD NL 79 313 289 33 60 10 1 7 24 6 .208 .263
16 Yrs 2169 9824 8917 1358 2366 489 112 223 911 459 .265 .325
162 Game Avg. 162 734 666 101 177 37 8 17 68 34 .265 .325
PHI (15 yrs) 2090 9511 8628 1325 2306 479 111 216 887 453 .267 .327
LAD (1 yr) 79 313 289 33 60 10 1 7 24 6 .208 .263
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