Friday, July 17, 2015

Phils start rest of season for 2015 tonight

Papelbon is at the All Star Game in Cincinnati talking with AJ Burnett who turned in the worst season of his career for the Phillies last year at 8-18

The Phillies have had their worst ever run to the All-Star Break at 29-62 in the history of the franchise. That's a long history. To be the worst at this point really says something about this team that can't be ignored.

There are 71 games left in the season, the Phillies would have to win 75% of the remaining games just to finish near .500 on the year.

If they lose 38 or more games of the remaining 71, they will stand at 100 losses or more this year.

Pete Mackanin has a 3-14 record for this team since he took the reins from Ryne Sandberg. Incredibly, the Phillies have won just 3 games since Ryne decided to call it a day after their was a change in the upper management in the office was announced a couple days after Sandberg quit the team.

You can't blame Papelbon for requesting a trade during the All-Star break, but he should have been traded from this team a long time ago. Papelbon has long wore his welcome out here in Philadelphia and with a season like this now in the books, there is really no reason to carry a player like him.

 The status quo of being awful on this team has been the same for months now, and no one currently in the top management of the Phillies have even tried to change anything.

This team in last in walks, last in runs scored in the National League and it shows. They are also near the bottom in OBP and SLG.

Maybe the best prescription will be to just avoid watching this type of team all together for the remaining games of the season. It's painful to watch most of the time, but it all begins again tonight against the Marlins if you like to see pain.   

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