Friday, July 31, 2015

Longest announced trade in Phillies history still didn't happen

A lot of people are crying with this trade deadline, not only Flores who will remain a Met

We've been talking about it for days. We've been assured that 'it's going to happen'.

Well, then why hasn't it happened?

The Cole Hamels and Jake Diekman to Texas for a bunch of prospects, and a pitcher who is described as a 'veteran starter' which is about all the Phillies sign anymore, hasn't been officially announced yet, though it's been reported on by nearly every major news service.

The Mets had a deal fall through for Carlos Gomez recently, and it was reported as nearly a done deal for Wilmer Flores, and Zack Wheeler. In fact, Flores was so upset, he actually wept on the baseball field in New York, as many fans were reading the trade on there phones, gave him a really nice send off with a round of applause. Problem was, that the deal wasn't done. Flores remained a Mets player along with Wheeler as the deal went sour.

 Very strange trade deadline so far, the only sure thing for the Phillies as of the time I write this post, is that Jonathan Papelbon is not on the team anymore as the trade deadline ticks towards the 4 PM deadline today.

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