Thursday, July 02, 2015

Half way mark of season was tonight - Phils end up 27-54

Steroid man aka Ryan Braun helps the Brewers sweep the Phillies in 4 straight tonight

The Phillies have unfortunately have been the worst team in the whole MLB, that's out of 30 teams.

Tonight marks the official half way mark in the season, and the Phils battled back to send this game in extra innings to try and avoid a nasty 4-game sweep from the second worse team in baseball, the Milwaukee Brewers. The Phillies couldn't avoid the sweep though, losing in 11 innings and continuing on with one of the worst seasons the team has ever seen.

Constantly being mentioned in trade rumors, a few of the highest paid Phillies players are being mentioned in some sort of trade talk but nothing has materialized.

Except for Ryan Braun, the Brewers are in a much better position than the Phillies when it comes to long term contracts that the Brew Crew can't get out of. Ryan Braun is the exception, as the Brewers made a really long commitment to him, then Braun turned up as a PED user to complicate matters for the team and himself.

It's a small miracle that the Brewers didn't demand an out in the Braun contract. The Brewers deferred a lot of Braun's money to be received down the line to as late as 2031 in the manner that they structured the deal.

The Brewers will have a lot of salaries coming off their roster at the end of the season though, but somehow you don't really see them as wanting to bulk up with going on a spending spree.

You have to wonder how the Phillies became the worst team in baseball. Looking at their lineup, it doesn't really seem all that bad. The devil is in the details though, the team teeters back and forth with the lowest runs scored in baseball, and when they do manage to score some runs, the other team is usually scoring more runs then them.

Horrible starting pitching has caught up with this team as well. Just a few years ago, we had the four aces as starters, now we have the four duds, as in worst team ERA. worst WHIP, and BAA in the MLB. That's right ranked 30th out of 30 teams. That's how you end up in last place and nothing gets done about it, and you stay in last place.  

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