Friday, July 31, 2015

Goodbye and Good Luck Cole Hamels

Cole's last game with the Phillies as a starter will be forever remembered, a no-hitter and then he was gone

Cole Hamels left out of Philadelphia today, but he left out with a lot of class. He talked about how this team drafted him many years ago, and how he will always be a part of the Phillies. Truer words have never been spoken. Cole has the hearts of Phillies fans too, they didn't want to see him leave, but even though he plays for another team, there will be a bond with the Phillies fans and Cole Hamels.

Hamels spoke this afternoon before he left the team, and made reference to the team as the 'Fightin Phils' who never give up and keep going. That's the kind of player that the ans in Philly like, a guy who gives his all and is a classy player off the field.

Jake Diekman, now a Texas Ranger, was a very nice player as well. I had the pleasure of speaking with him for a few minutes last season, an upstanding guy for sure!

Another move the Phillies made today of course was Ben Revere, who fell out of favor with the team really fast even though he is bringing his batting average up like he did last year. Revere will be an asset to a team like the Toronto Blue Jays that can move him around the bases and score.

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