Thursday, July 09, 2015

Chances of making the big leagues getting little for Biddle

The Phillies had high hopes for Mr. Jesse Biddle, but lately those hopes are just that. Biddle, who was drafted out of high school in the June 2010 Amateur Draft by the Phillies had a lot of people talking for the last couple years about how good he could be in the Phillies rotation. Now, with his first start in Triple A behind him last night, Biddle is about as far away from a Major League start as you can be.

Biddle's start last night in Lehigh Valley (his first game with the Iron Pigs in 2015) wasn't very good. He walked 6 and gave up 5 H and 7 ER last night and in 6 seasons in the minors, Jesse has returned a very average 38-42 record.

He's still only 23 though, but is he going to make it to the big leagues?

Biddle did get a $1.16M signing bonus in 2010, so chances are he's still way ahead of the game in the salary department should his baseball career not blossom into greatness, but this is a name that we've been hearing about as Phillies fans as long as we've been hearing about Domonic Brown.

We may not see Biddle this year in a Phillies uniform, but something has to start improving fast with this player, who we've been led to believe is going to be very good. Maybe the Phillies could bring in Steve Carlton to have a session or two with him as far as coaching.

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