Monday, July 06, 2015

And the Phillies All-Star Representative is....

A lot of tried and true Phillies fans have a dislike for Jonathan Papelbon, it was announced that he is the lone representative from the Phillies that will be at the All-Star Game in Cincinnati in less than 10 days.

Many fans don't forget the reaction Pap made to the fan who was probably heckling him, but how often do you see a player do that in return for a few throw away comments?

This was the Philadelphia Daily News on the day after the infamous response to the crowd from Pap:

Reaction was swift on social media sights like Facebook, that had plenty of negative comments about the choice in Papelbon being the player that will represent the team.

This was the photo post on Facebook, and then of course some fans had their say in the matter, below are some comments as they appeared on Facebook regarding Papelbon's selection:

  • Charles Leusner This CREEP doesn't have the character to be an ALL STAR. Last September he grabbed his crouch and directed his anger at the Phillies fans when taken out of a game and the day of the Boston Marathon Bombing he blamed the President for what happened that day. He is a mean, nasty and negative person. CHARACTER MATTERS...............And there doesn't seem to be much of it from this Mississippi product.
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