Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Karma has turned perhaps

Schmidt's prescription for the Phillies was to forget all of the negativity and bad karma that has happened with the team and start from the moment on, not a bad philosophy

The other night on the pre-game show on the local Phillies tv broadcast, Mike Schmidt, who is announcing home weekend games for the Phillies on the Philly sports Comcast channel, announced that before the Phillies get better, they have to release themselves of the 'bad karma' that has surrounded the team for the past few months.

Schmidt's words were very thought provoking. In order for the Phillies to start to get better, they would have to package up all that negative stuff that has surrounded the team and just jettison themselves from it and start from this moment forward.

Someone on the team may have heard the broadcast, or maybe even Schmidt himself addressed the team on this, for the past couple games we have seen a different Phillies team. One that isn't content with losing and giving up with a loss.

The Phils rallied last night against the Yankees and handed them a loss. Cesar Hernandez broke out of his sleepy run with the Phillies with a nice two run double.

Brett Gardner for the Yankees showed some hustle on the diamond last night with 2 bunt singles, and went 4-4 on the night. The Phillies needed to watch this hustle, I haven't seen any Phillie on the field hustling as much as this guy did in one game last night. It was inspiring.

The series continues in NY tonight at Yankee Stadium with a lopsided match up or so it seems, with C.C. Sabathia going up against Sean O'Sullivan but Sean has been pitching pretty well lately so maybe the good karma can continue.

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