Friday, June 26, 2015

Sandberg resigns from Phillies

The aging players of the Phillies couldn't carry the load anymore on the team and new players brought in haven't been able to contribute when it counts mostly

Ryne Sandberg announced he was done as Phillies manager this afternoon. It must have been a gut wrenching decision because baseball managers don't usually resign from their positions.

"With some changes at the top looming, I did not want to be in the way of anything happening and progress going forward," is what Ryne said at a press conference this afternoon.

The Phillies played really well in New York against the Yankees which was there last series. The Phils took 2 of 3 from the Yankees. 

 It probably wasn't all Sandberg's fault, the Phillies consistently did poorly on the field. It was probably tough as a manager to watch this play and having your hands tied with not much input from Ruben Amaro Jr. who has been sending out signals that things were happening with a rebuild, but really nothing had been done that really mattered in regards to this.

Near the end, there was a total collapse from all sides on the team. The Phillies players were not doing their jobs on the field, and then acted out on coaching in several spots lately. The incident in Baltimore, when a bullpen phone was off the hook when a position player was on the mound, and desperately needed relief, there was no communication. 

Chase Utley was cursing at pitching coach, Bob McClure when McClure couldn't do anything about the pitching when the bullpen didn't answer the phone. That's what made the news though.

There was a loud disagreement from reliever Ken Giles with Bob McClure and then a public blowup on the bench with McClure and Sandberg going over and shouting at Giles, though it was said that it was all handled internally.

Frustration has taken it's toll on this team, and again, it's rare that MLB managers quit so you can rest assured that the frustration got the best of Sandberg with his decision today.

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