Thursday, June 18, 2015

Epic Road loss continues at home

Fans have demanded that the Phils fire Ruben and Ryne behind the last two years of futility, is ownership listening though?

It's hard to believe but since 1883, the Phillies haven't lost a road trip as badly as they have on their most recent trip when they lost 8 in a row on the road in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and then Baltimore. In 1883, the Phillies lost 9 in a row on the road.

The losing hasn't stopped there, it continued last night in a continued display of not playing winning baseball. Again, the Phillies do put runners in scoring position, they had 7 runners in scoring position last night, but somehow this team can't get key hits when the need to because they were 1-7 with runners in scoring position.

It doesn't look to get much better for this team, as they have proven that they can't make good things happen on the baseball field. The Cardinals are due in over the weekend, and they are in first place for a reason. We'll see if the Phillies can get a much needed win. 

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