Monday, June 01, 2015

Droned: Have your drone and fly it too! Even over the Phillies stadium?

This unidentified person apparently flew the drone around the outside of CBP on Sunday

Forget all that security now at the gates of the Citizens Bank Ballpark, it would be just this easy for a person with ill-intent to bring havoc to a game or stadium with what happened at Citizens Bank Park on Sunday afternoon.

The man was released without being charged apparently. And the drone will be returned to him, which is even stranger. That's plain stupid, if someone is this dumb to risk injury to patrons of a baseball game, this writer has lost a lot of faith in the common sense of the authorities.

Is it not against the law to fly these things in a public place? It was said that the drone wasn't flown over the field, big deal, if it fell to the ground over where fans are standing, you'd have a completely different story.  People have been severely injured and killed by this small innocent looking drones, and I don't think this is the message you should be sending if you are the cops.

What's next a 'Bring your drone to CBP Day' and have at it?

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