Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Baltimore Orioles win game, Phils again losing

This 2015 Phillies team has a long way to go before they tie the franchise record for a losing streak, which is 23 by the 1961 Phillies, but the current team lost again in Baltimore last night in the first of four games that will be played in a home and home fashion.

Bud Black got fired in San Diego just yesterday afternoon, but it's business as usual for this the manager and coaching staff of this team. Do you think that something may be wrong with that? How long can this go on, being a bad team is one thing but embarrassment is yet another as the Phillies have dug themselves deep into a crater.

Chase Utley as a designated hitter? He's suffering his worst batting average of his career currently, how can you make him a DH?

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