Friday, May 15, 2015

The Billingsley experiment continues tonight

A few years ago, Chad Billingsley was a very good pitcher for the LA Dodgers. He finished up with an 81-61 record with the Dodgers over 8 seasons.Time and injury has changed that, though Ruben Amaro saw something in value of Chad to bring him to the Phillies.

Tonight, Billingsley is scheduled to make his third start for the Phillies, he is 0-2 so far with a lofty 9.00 ERA, His second start showed a little more promise than the first, and hopefully this start tonight will show even more of a better pitcher.

The numbers don't speak well so far for Chad though, he has 10.0 IP and has given up 16 H and 10 ER including 3 HR.

The Phils are riding a 2-game win streak, the team has not won 3 games in a row all season so far. The team has also been shut out 4 times by their opponents this season. Their team they need to improve the most against so far is the New York Mets, the Phils have a 1-5 record against them.

The homestand continues tonight as Arizona comes to CBP for a 3-game series. The Phils after this weekend go on the road to the Rockies for 4 games, the Nationals next weekend, the NY Mets next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

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