Monday, May 11, 2015

Phils welcome Pirates tonight

Chase Utley picked up an RBI but earlier in yesterday's game got hit by a pitch, he stiff armed the Phillies trainer who ran out to check on him right in the chest, as his concerning season continues

The Phillies 2015 season continues, after giving up two of three to the Mets at home, the team welcomes in the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Watching this team is especially difficult anymore, even with the Mother's Day festivities at the stadium which used to sell out, the Phils only managed to get 29,000 fans to come to the stadium yesterday on a beautiful weather day for baseball.

The Pirates are 15-16 on the season, they too haven't started out all that great in 2015. The Pirates are 9-7 at home and 6-9 on the road. They are coming off of a 4-3 win over the NL Central leading St. Louis Cardinals.

The Phillies are now tied with Colorado and the Milwaukee Brewers, who fired their manager  last week, all with 11 wins on the season.

Utley's stiff arm to the trainer's chest:

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