Sunday, May 31, 2015

Phillies offense betrays team again

The Rockies are making it look easy in beating the Phillies at CBP so far

The Phillies offense is a huge problem.

The team is now on a 6-game losing streak and today they could be swept again by a team that shouldn't be sweeping many teams.

What is the rank of the Phillies offense?, it is last in 30 teams in runs, and near the bottom of the league in many more offensive categories. For instance, the Phils have a .289 OBP which is 29th in the league, and a Slugging Percentage which is 30th in the league.

Most incredible of the Phillies offensive woes is Chase Utley who is batting .186 but has 21 RBI which is right behind the team leader, Ryan Howard with 25 RBI.

Howard has been a bright spot in the offense for the most part. Ryan has 11 doubles and 11 HR so far to lead the Phils offense, he is tied for most doubles with Odubel Herrera. Herrera hasn't really had a great season with the bat, he has 46 SO as of this morning.

So what can the Phillies do about this? The obvious choice is maybe going out and getting a new batting coach, or adding a player who can hit and get on base. The Phils seem to get runners on base but then they can't get the hit that will score the runners.

The season chugs along, with the wrap up game with the Rockies at CBP, this team is seriously starting to lose my interest at this point. 

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