Sunday, April 19, 2015

Phillies offense needs serious tuning

Ryne Sandberg has got to find the answer to the lack of Phillies scoring runs

The Phillies offense hasn't been all that good this season. You can kind of figure that out without look too closely at stats.

But a closer look at some stats bring this astonishing fact to light better. The Phils run scoring is 14th of 15 teams in the NL, the offense has only managed 31 runs in the first 12 games.

From all the stats, this one is particularity relevant to the lack of Phils offense as well. The team is batting .213 which is 15th out of 15 NL teams so far.

Some players that have struggled the most are:

Darin Ruf - BA .107
Chase Utley - BA .119
Grady Sizemore - BA .136
Ben Revere - BA .158
Ryan Howard - BA .167

On the plus side Chase Utley is sitting with 8 RBI on the year. Cody Asche is also hot at .361 so far.

The Phils have hit 6 HR on the year and have had 16 HR hit against them. The RBI have been scattered so far, so to improve there would be a great plus as the Phillies have had plenty on base to drive home, but so far it's been a very difficult thing for the Phils to do. The Phillies face Steven Strasburg this afternoon in Washington.

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