Saturday, April 25, 2015

Is this the last hurrah for Chase Utley?

Utley has had a mighty struggle in 2015 is it just the weather and a slow start?

With nearly a month of play in the books so far, you wouldn't expect Chase Utley to have done so poorly in that time.

Chase has had 56 AB and is batting an incredibly low .125 while scoring 3 R and striking out 11 times. Can this be the end of Chase's career?

Utley, who is 36 is currently in his 13th year in the MLB, and he has another 3 years on his contract for and additional $45M beyond the $15M he'll earn in 2015.

Some have to wonder is this just a very slow start for Chase or is his career in jeopardy of ending? With each game he goes out there and the results are disappointing, the possibility of an abrupt end to the career of this great Phillies player exists.

 Sometimes it happens fast, when all the skills the younger player had is now gone. Hopefully we're just seeing an early season struggle.

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