Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tickets to baseball games become a thing of the past for Phillies

Season ticket holders to Phillies games aren't really holders of tickets at all anymore.

Well, technically they are, starting this season the Phillies will be having their fans print their own tickets out on your printer. Are the savings passed along to the fans with a price reduction with all of the money that the team has saved? There was no reduction in ticket prices even though this supposedly saved money.

It used to be that the tickets you used when you went to a game were really something. Recently, they were very ornate with photos and graphics. Now they will be a thing of the past, the digital age is here for ticketing, you have to wonder how the new printed out style tickets will ever be 'collectible' as the tickets that were issued by the ballclub over the years are.

The paper subtraction started a couple years ago really, when the Phillies stopped giving a copy of the yearly 'Press Guide" out to full and partial season ticket fans and subtracted other coupons that were also part of the perks of being even a partial season ticket holder .

All this adds up to subtracting more from the fan, and that's bad business.

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