Friday, March 20, 2015

Schmidt slams baseball timer and supports Pete Rose again

Mike Schmidt hasn't been too silent lately when it comes to his opinion. That's a good thing, as he recently let it be known that he is against using a time clock for baseball.

Schmidt occasionally will turn into writer and he wrote a great article the other day that appeared in the Associated Press here.

He makes a valid point, who was complaining about it? Not too many people that I've ever heard talk about the subject. Is it just an attempt to change the game that has stood very well for over 100 years?

On the subject of his former teammate, Pete Rose, Schmidty has again supported Rose's bid to be reinstated in baseball. He penned this piece for the AP as well. He says it's time to answer the question for Rose and that he should be reinstated. Read some of the comments Schmidt has about that here in this article.

Again, I agree with this. Rose has been punished enough, he has been on the outside looking in for too many years now with baseball. The game needs a guy like him to promote it and he was certainly a Hall of Fame player when he was arguably the best player in the game for many years.

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